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Antibes: during the conference

Get together parties

  • Welcome reception
    on Sunday 13 at 18:30
    On Sunday evening, come to pick your badge and conference material. The organization offers a cocktail to get together over a drink with other attendees.
  • Refreshments during the poster sessions
    on Monday 14 & Tuesday 15 from 17:30

Conference Dinner

On Thursday 17 October evening / transfer by bus included (more info soon)

 Included in the registration /  Booking mandatory on the registration form

MARINELAND, passion and preservation of the marine world

Marineland was founded in 1970 by Count Roland de la Poype. He had a specific project in mind: to spread his passion for the marine world to the public and help them to discover this fascinating universe. 

With an area of over 25 hectares, nearly 4,000 inhabitants and 40 different species, Marineland is situated in Antibes and Europe’s leading marine park. It is well known for its spectacular orca and dolphin shows. The park is also home to many other species such as penguins, sharks, polar bears, sea lions, seals… most of which are part of European programs for reproduction.

Marineland’s educational mission

The Marineland experience is a journey through the undersea world which will take you close to its inhabitants and help you to better understand them. Educational presentations are adapted to all ages by a team of passionate professionals! Animal welfare and the transmission of our values are at the heart of our priorities. Let us show you the way to become active in the protection of marine biodiversity.

 Marineland website

The evening at Marineland

• Before dinner, drinks in the shark tunnel

You will see notably the shark tunnel created in 1996, which offers a unique face to face with the teeth of the sea! Sharks evolve around visitors and let themselves be admired from every angle! Bull sharks and their jaws bristling with razor-sharp teeth, gray sharks profiled like marine torpedoes, placid nurse sharks resting on the sandy bottom.

Measuring 30 meters long, it runs right through a giant aquarium of 2 million liters of natural seawater pumped off the coast. The shape of the basin was studied during its design to favor a swimming course in the shape of 8 and thus a more important course and without interruption for the animals.

Shark species you can see: Grey shark (3 generations of this species), Bull shark (the direct victim of sportive and industrial fishing) and Nurse shark, also named « sleepy shark »

• Admire the orcas

The orca tank is one of the largest in the world with 32,000 m3 of seawater drawn directly into the Mediterranean at 14°C. This tank is divided into 5 zones, the main one of which is 11m deep and is bordered by a glass 64 m long, 5m high and 18cm thick. This division allows to constantly vary the activity of our family group of 4 orcas and to manage their social interactions. These four animals are all born in Marineland and are led by Wikie, the dominant female. And she lives with hers two sons, Moana and Keijo, and her brother Inouk.

These majestic animals, weighing over 3 tons, have built a close relationship of trust and mutual respect with their trainers which offers them daily games and interactions to satisfy their need for intellectual stimulation.

• Diner at the Marina Bay restaurant, like a dock overlooking the lagoons of dolphins, orcas and seals.

A 3-course dinner and several animations!

• Finish by enjoying a dancing party with open bar

There will be 3 departures:

  • just after the dinner
  • aroung midnight
  • around 1am

Social event

On Wednesday 16 October afternoon

 Included in the registration /  Booking mandatory before 10 October (27 September) on the registration form

All the activities are subject to a minimum group size so each can be canceled if there is not enough participants.

  • Option #1Antibes discovery half day (3 places left)
  • Option #2 / Excursion to Grasse (5 places left)
  • Option #3 / Visit of the Picasso Musuem 
    • #3a Guided tour in French
    • #3b Guided tour in English (6 places left)
    • #3c Self-tour
  • Option #4 / Excursion to Saint Paul de Vence (2 places left)
  • Option #5 / Walking tour on the coastal path “sentier de Tire-Poil(FULL)

Option #1

Antibes discovery half day


  • 14:00 / Departure from the Juan-les-Pins Convention Center by coach to Antibes
  • 14:15 / Guided walking tour of the Old Antibes
  • 16:00 / Absinth tasting with local products
  • 16:45 / Transfer back to the coach and tour around the Cap d’Antibes with a stop at the panorama
  • 18:00 / Back to Juan-les-Pins Convention Center

You will discover the fascinating old Antibes, created by the Greeks and extended by the Romans, which became a border city and was fortified under the reign of Henri IV and Louis XIV. You will appreciate the beauty of its medieval town, its ramparts along the sea, its Provencal market, the famous Port Vauban (largest European marina) and the flowery “Safranier” district. 

Make a break in a gorgeous vaulted cellar facing the Provencal market of Antibes ! Frederic will tell you the great story of absinth and teach you all its secrets. The infamous drink has inspired many artists.

Eventually, the commented tour by bus will lead you into the heart of the Cap d’Antibes. The guide will bring to life for you the great moments of the Cape as you pass in front of the prestigious deluxe Hotel du Cap, the villa “Aujourd’hui” and the Art Déco style hotels of Juan-les-Pins. A stop on the «Plateau de la Garoupe» - the highest point of the Cape - will offer you a panoramic view across the old city of Antibes, the cape and the Mediterranean sea.

 Limited places: 50 people divided into 2 groups 


Option #2

Excursion to Grasse, international capital of Flowers and Perfume


  • 14:00 / Transfer by bus from Juan-les-Pins convention Center to Grasse.
  • 15:00 / Guided tour of the Fragonard Perfume Factory
  • 16:15 / Guided tour of Grasse old town
  • 17:45 / Transfer back to Juan-les-Pins

The town of Grasse is said to be the core of the Riviera as well as a model of Provençal culture. The city offers splendid vistas over the shores near Cannes. A “Cité d'Art & d'Histoire,” Grasse is known as the “Capital of Flowers and Perfume.”
Clinging to sun drenched hills, this place slowly reveals its charms to those who linger in its picturesque alleyways and welcoming little squares. The historic centre confirms this architectural quality. In the 18th century, perfume making, which took over from the tanneries, blossomed. In the 19th century, flower cultivation and perfume production gave Grasse its international reputation. You will visit one of the oldest perfume factories established in a 19th century building in the heart of the old town where perfumes and soaps are crafted everyday.

 Limited places: 50 people divided into 2 groups


Option #3

Picasso Museum visit

In the heart of Antibes old town, enjoy a visit at the Picasso Museum.
This medieval building - former bishops’ residence, then home to Lords of Antibes and royal governors - was the first museum in France to be dedicated to Picasso in his lifetime. Picasso worked in 1946 inside the Grimaldi Castle, where he created works of art full of Mediterranean colours and antique tones.

Discover the wonderful collection of his 300 works made in Antibes (paintings, drawings and ceramics) and the works of other modern and contemporary artists as Léger, Balthus, Miró, Ernst, Picabia, and Nicolas de Staël who lived and died in Antibes.

 More info about the Picasso Museum

 Limited places for the 1 2 guided visits: 

  • 30 people, visit in French at 14:00 
  • 30 people, visit in English at 15:30

 A self-tour is also available from 14:00 until 18:00 with no limited number of places.
Access the museum for free by showing your conference badge


Option #4

Excursion to Saint Paul de Vence


  • 14:00 / Departure from the Juan-les-Pins Convention Center by coach to St Paul de Vence
  • 14:45 / Guided Tour of the village
  • 16:30 / Guided Tour of the Maeght Foundation
  • 18:00 / Transfer back to Juan-les-Pins Convention Center

Perched on a hill overlooking the countryside and the sea, Saint-Paul de Vence is a historic village to discover and enjoy. All year round, its alleyways and ramparts are perfect for wandering and discovering the artists who have left their mark on the village, and those which continue to do so today. If Saint-Paul de Vence is a creative place, the village is also a cultural destination: its Maeght Foundation, museums and heritage are evidence of a rich history and an artistic tradition going back over a hundred years.
The prestigious Maeght Modern Art Foundation, nestled in nature, brings together an important collection of paintings and sculptures of modern and contemporary art. The architecture of Josep Lluis Sert and the gardens are forming a peaceful and harmonious setting for the works of Calder, Chagall, Braque, Giacometti, Miró ...

 Limited places: 50 people divided into 2 groups


Option #5

Walking tour on the coastal path “sentier de Tire-Poil”
Immerse in the nature of the Cap d’Antibes


  • 14:00 / Transfer by bus from Juan-les-Pins Convention Center to Cap d’Antibes
    Bus tour around the Cap d’Antibes
  • 14:45 / Hiking on the coastal path
  • 17:15 / Transfer back to Juan-les-Pins

Discover with a guide the landscapes, the points of view and the remarkable species of the Tire-Poil path.
Sea Lavendar, Jupiter Beard, Common Tern… these are the suggestive names which indicate the natural wealth of this little paradise on the Mediterranean coast. You will meet native and exotic plants and will learn to respect the protected species present on the Cap d’Antibes. A naturalistic, educational, playful and sports activity for everybody!

 Limited places: 40 people divided into 2 groups 







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