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The proceedings of IBA-24 are planned as a Virtual Special Issue of Nuclear Instruments and Methods section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms. Manuscripts will be reviewed to the same standard as regular NIMB articles and published as regular articles as soon as they are accepted. When final decisions have been arrived at for all of the submitted manuscripts they will be electronically collated into a Virtual Special Issue. There will be no page or word limits: the length of the article will be determined by their scientific content.

Manuscript submission is open until 5 January 2020 (extended 22 Dec 2019)

For any question about the proceedings, please contact Frederico Garrido at frederico.garrido - at - csnsm.in2p3.fr

Manuscript Submission

Manuscripts should be submitted at https://ees.elsevier.com/nimb_proceedings

When you submit your manuscript, please :

  • choose the “VSI : IBA2019” article type in the first step,
  • and also at the Section/Category step.
  • Then when you get to the ‘Request an Editor’ step, please choose Frederico Garrido.


Please note that only manuscripts that present work presented at the conference in oral presentations or in poster presentations with the poster presenter present during the poster sessions will be considered for publication.

Process & instructions

Apart from this, the manuscripts are treated as regular NIMB articles. This means that :

1) Manuscripts will be reviewed to at least the same standard as regular NIMB articles.

2) There is no length limit. The length of the article is determined by the scientific content. Nevertheless, since the manuscript should reflect the content that was presented at the conference, it is expected that few papers will have a scientific content justifying more than 6 printed pages, and most will fall in the 4-5 page range. Papers that will be less than 3 printed pages are likely to be considered to contain insufficient novel scientific material to justify publication.

Final published length L in pages may be approximately estimated by :

L = 0.7+W/1300 + F/7

Where W is the number of words in the body of the text (excluding the Abstract and References) and F is the number of single column figures (counting for example figs 1a to 1d as four figures).

The full instructions for authors can be found here  http://www.elsevier.com/wps/find/journaldescription.cws_home/505674?generatepdf=true





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